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Supercharge the technology you already have with UiPath automation. Out-of-the-box integrations and pre-built specialty applications in UiPath Marketplace make it simple.


Automate manual processes involving the most complex applications on Citrix virtual environments.


Deploy UiPath on Google Cloud, automate G Suite, and add Google AI to your automations with ease.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Integrate the UiPath end-to-end RPA platform with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure, AI services, and cloud contact center solution.

UiPath is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network.

Auto-scale your RPA infrastructure

Quickly deploy UiPath on AWS with our pre-built configs. Spin up development, test, and production environments.

Boost customer self-service with contact center automation

UiPath integration with Amazon Connect enables a zero-touch customer experience, so you can reduce call volume and free up agents to work on complex customer issues.

Enhance your automations with AWS AI Services

Drag and drop AWS AI Services directly into your automations through pre-built integrations—like Textract (document data and text extraction) and Rekognition (facial recognition)—to solve more business challenges.


While you’re at it, automate your AWS processes

How many processes do your IT teams already run with AWS? Automate these with help from our library of pre-built AWS activities.


Integrate UiPath and AWS today


From the user desktop to the back office, businesses rely on Microsoft for the solutions, services, and infrastructure to innovate, calculate, communicate, and thrive.

With UiPath, businesses like yours can build on that world-class portfolio to automate manual tasks, streamline the flow of information, and break down the barriers that keep your business from running at its best.

Collaborating to deliver the fully automated enterprise™.

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to help make your plans for digital transformation a reality. By using UiPath Solutions to automate the processes and tasks with Microsoft at their core, you’re on your way to becoming a fully automated enterprise™. Discover more about this collaboration of two industry leaders.




Business Applications

IT Automation

Azure: Data and AI


Transform your world of work. Starting with the people who do it.

What happens when you combine UiPath automation with the Microsoft tools you use every day to do your job?

You eliminate the tedious, mundane, and time-consuming tasks that slow you down. You can focus on the work that matters. You have more time to solve problems, think creatively, and put great ideas into practice.


UiPath and Office

Personal productivity just got more productive.

Put a UiPath Robot to work on the manual and repetitive tasks involving the spreadsheets, documents, and emails on your to-do list, so you can concentrate on the creative and challenging aspects of your job.

Automate across the Microsoft Enterprise with UiPath


ServiceNow provides digital workflows that create great user experiences and unlock employee and enterprise productivity. And the UiPath platform lets you do even more. Native bi-directional integration with the UiPath Platform makes it fast, easy, and seamless.​

Maximize your investment in ServiceNow with UiPath capabilities

Streamline and improve your IT, customer, and employee experiences​

Build end-to-end automations into legacy systems

Automate testing across ServiceNow and beyond

Run UiPath robots right from ServiceNow

Get inbound automation from ServiceNow to UiPath with the ServiceNow Integration Hub UiPath Spoke. Using the Orchestrator APIs, you can start/stop jobs and create, retrieve, and edit your UiPath robots, all from within ServiceNow.


Build and run robots to automate workflows in and around ServiceNow

The UiPath Activity for ServiceNow works through the ServiceNow API to let you build and deploy robots in UiPath that work with ServiceNow records. Available through UiPath Marketplace and UiPath Studio.


Create and manage UiPath automated tests from ServiceNow

Automate test cases, monitor test runs, and get detailed test results with easy integration between UiPath Test Suite and ServiceNow that lets you test with UiPath Test Robots while managing your testing portfolio with ServiceNow. 

Automate workflows using APIs, UIs, and AI—in any combination

Need to automate ServiceNow processes involving mainframe systems that don’t have APIs? Use UiPath Studio to quickly and easily combine UI, AI, and API access into a single automation. UiPath Activity for ServiceNow makes building these automations—and many more—drag-and-drop simple.


ServiceNow partnership and certification

UiPath is a Premier ServiceNow partner and the first RPA vendor to have an IntegrationHub Spoke and certified Test Manager Connector app in the ServiceNow Store.


Build a robust digital enterprise with UiPath and ServiceNow​


Interweave automation across your SAP and non-SAP systems without the headache of endless development projects or inflexible integration. Get the stability, fast deployment, and governance you need, plus prebuilt components and integrations fordozens of critical use cases.

Transform SAP processes with the UiPath Platform, no matter your role

Business leaders: accelerate digital transformation with the data you need

Automatically gather data from existing systems and applications without modifying or changing your SAP ecosystem.

SAP users: focus on higher-value work

Let a robot take over manual data entry tasks like updating information or managing orders. Reduce errors while freeing yourself up to create and collaborate.

SAP administrators: make work easier

Automate user management tasks and more easily manage data in and around your SAP systems. Streamline your move to SAP S/4HANA.

SAP QA managers: ensure higher quality

Reduce effort and errors during upgrades by automating SAP testing with UiPath Test Suite.


Use UiPath with any SAP application

Whichever SAP user interface and underlying platform you use, UiPath can automate it all: SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC, SAP FIORI, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP WinGUI, SAP WebGUI, SAP Business Client, you name it. UiPath combines UI, AI, and prebuilt native integrations via SAP BAPI, RFC and OData, to bring out the best in your specific SAP environment.

Beyond SAP, UiPath integrates perfectly with the rest of your technology stack, too, with over 300 native integrations. And you can use UiPath on any remote desktop environment, including Citrix®.


Quickly launch your SAP automation projects

Our out-of-the-box accelerators dramatically speed up implementation in finance, sales, procurement, manufacturing and Basis administration, providing a bundle for the most demanded and most valuable automations that UiPath customers are using on top of SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA.

Put your migration to SAP S/4HANA on the fast track

From design and data preparation, to mapping structures, to testing… automating key steps in your SAP S/4HANA migration makes the process faster, smoother, more secure, and more compliant.

Plus, the robots and testing portfolio you use during initial implementation can be reused in later project waves and help you keep pace with ongoing SAP changes and updates.

Get even more from your SAP investment with UiPath automation


It’s a match made in heaven. Tableau analyzes your enterprise data and extracts key data-driven insights. UiPath robots act on them to trigger downstream workflows and accelerate decision-making directly from your Tableau dashboard. Native bi-directional integration makes it seamless, secure, and oh-so-easy.

Move from data insights to business actions…seamlessly

Quickly connect robots with the data they need

Access all the UiPath Studio power, functionality, and drag-and-drop simplicity to build powerful automations leveraging Tableau data. UiPath Activity for Tableau makes it easy, seamless, and secure.

Transform Tableau into an automation action center

Get insight, take action. It’s that simple, with integrations that let you trigger automations from within a Tableau dashboard or report.

Turn Tableau users into automators

Let any user with a mouse turn their Tableau analyses into automated actions. It’s easy with the no-code, drag-and-drop workflows available in UiPath Studio or UiPath StudioX.

Trigger UiPath robots from Tableau dashboards and reports

Get inbound automation from Tableau to UiPath with the UiPath Connector for Tableau. This inbound automation support gives you the ability to create jobs in Orchestrator and/or add Queue items from Tableau reports and dashboards.

The UiPath Connector for Tableau is available in the Tableau Extension Gallery.

Build and run robots to automate workflows in and around Tableau

The Tableau Activities Package lets you build automations that move data from UiPath to Tableau and connect end-to-end workflows in which Tableau data plays a key role.

It’s all done through Tableau publicly supported APIs.

One platform, thousands of automations. Built with trust.

Security, compliance, and governance are at the core of automation with UiPath. Manage and control your automations with the trusted UiPath Platform that prioritizes secure automation and simplified compliance with the regulations that matter most. 

Trust in defense-grade security and auditing, including role-based access controls, encryption everywhere, and Veracode-certified code. 

Discover trust and security at UiPath, including our privacy and data policies, our service status and 99.9% uptime guarantee, and latest security attestations. 


Tableau partnership and certification

UiPath is a Select Tableau partner and the first RPA vendor to have an extension certified and available on the Tableau Extension Gallery.

Turn great insights into business outcomes with bi-directional integration from UiPath and Tableau


Extend the value of Workday and deliver even better customer and employee experiences across Human Resources, Finance, and IT with automation from UiPath. Native integration makes automating even complex workflows simple and secure.


Automate more in and around Workday with UiPath native integration

Streamline how employees interact with your HR systems and processes

Insert automation into onboarding, offboarding, employee assessments, and more to create faster, more accurate, and more satisfying employee experiences—and free your HR and HR IT staff from the mundane.

Improve the finances of your finance operations—fast

Reduce effort, errors, and friction in day-to-day finance processes without creating complicated bespoke integrations between Workday and UiPath.

Robust, ready-to-go pre-built options make it simple and secure.

Keep Workday working well with automated testing

Make sure all your business-critical processes and custom Workday apps and migrations are working as intended by using UiPath Test Suite to create and run continuous testing.

Work from within UiPath to automate Workday processes

The UiPath Activity for Workday makes it easy to automate thousands of processes that involve Workday and complementary systems. Build great automations in the UiPath Studio low-code, drag and drop environment; run and manage in Orchestrator, and connect securely into Workday through its public API.

Take complexity out of automating complex processes everywhere

Draw on all the functionality of UiPath, including using API, UI, and AI connections in any combination, to seamlessly automate end-to-end processes that include Workday.

One platform, thousands of automations. Built with trust.

Security, compliance, and governance are at the core of automation with UiPath. Manage and control RPA while preserving the freedom to revolutionize your business.

Discover Trust and Security at UiPath, including our privacy and data policies, our service status and 99.9% uptime guarantee, and the latest security attestations.

Get more from Workday with UiPath integration