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Banking & Financial Services

​The UiPath Business Automation Platform empowers your workforce with unprecedented resilience—helping organizations thrive in dynamic economic, regulatory, and social landscapes. The world’s top financial services firms are bullish on banking RPA and automation. Why? It helps them outperform their peers by 3x.

JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo & Truist automate with UiPath

Learn how automation improves customer satisfaction, enables best-in-class efficiency ratios, increases straight-through processing rates, and accelerates time to market.

Consumer Banking

Efficient workflows appraise high. Capture that value with automation.

UiPath delivers a new standard in efficiency. By elevating customer journeys, accelerating lending timelines, and modernizing KYC, automation brings Consumer Banks into today’s digital age. And shortly thereafter, helps them revolutionize their entire way of operating (and innovating!)

Commercial Banking

We modernize the way Commercial Banks get down to business, so clients know they mean business.

UiPath delivers intelligent automation you can bank on. It connects disparate systems and makes sense of unstructured data, so you can offer exceptional service and personalize offerings at unprecedented scale.

Capital Markets

Outperform market uncertainty with workforce resiliency

Traders, advisors, and analysts rely on UiPath to supercharge their productivity and be the best at what they do. Address resource constraints by letting automation handle time-demanding operations, connect fragmented tech, and reduce friction across the trade lifecycle.

Intelligent automation you can bank on. Talk to us to learn more.


Whether you’re a payer processing claims forms or a provider charting during your off hours, the administrative burden in healthcare is high. But when the work you want to do is buried under the work you have to do, don’t lose heart.

Lose the work your heart’s not in.

Drive positive healthcare outcomes with automation

How can your organization become more resilient, while focusing on patient or member centricity and providing better workforce experiences? Automation is the key, according to Dr. Kelly Wibbenmeyer of Mercy Health.


Healthcare Payers & Providers

Healthcare payers

More than an insurance payer, you’re a healthcare partner.

Payer organizations perform essential health insurance payment processes. But innovators know they can have a larger role in the member and provider healthcare landscape.​ UiPath business automation helps you drive efficiencies in traditional payer processes, while becoming a differentiated healthcare partner for providers and members alike.

Healthcare providers

Patients and paperwork shouldn’t compete for care.

Behind every stack of documents on a healthcare provider’s desk and every email in their inbox is a story:​ A patient with a health challenge to solve. ​A provider who will spend their evening charting.

UiPath enables the provider-patient relationship to shift back to building rapport and giving and receiving care – instead of information transactions and provider homework headaches.

Make every process feel better. Talk to us to learn more.


Today, insurers face pressures from three sides: intensifying competition, escalating risks, and daunting regulations. Yikes! The top insurers have a secret, though: They’re turning to automation and rpa in insurance to optimize operational costs. And shortly thereafter, putting it at the center of their operating model.

Future-proof your insurance business with AI-powered automation

You sell peace of mind, but are you content with a workforce that isn’t equipped with the new standard in operational efficiency?



Property and Casualty

Transform your workflows from liabilities to assets

Trade fragmented, tedious, and risky for seamless, sleek, and secure. Automation connects disparate customer journeys, streamlines regulatory compliance, and weathers challenging market conditions through better operational agility.

Life, Retirement, and Benefits

Synthesize disparate data into valuable insights. Automatically.

Dust off your data. Automation is about to put it to work. With AI, a custom offering for every client is just a click away.

UiPath ensures better insurance. Talk to us to learn more.


Physical robots have already transformed the plant floor. And now software robots are transforming everything else in manufacturing. See what UiPath automation makes possible for R&D, operations, supply chain management, customer engagement, and employee productivity.

Capture high-impact opportunities everywhere

Extend and speed up innovation

Automate R&D operations and work more smoothly and rapidly to integrate products and services for customers

Streamline and strengthen supply chains and operations

Create a smooth flow of information, insight, and actions across the enterprise—including your supplier base. And improve accuracy and timeliness of demand planning.


Engage customers more deeply

Serve consumers and customers better by automating marketing, sales, and retail services. Improve quality and responsiveness of customer service and maintenance across the enterprise.

Empower employees to do more

Streamline core processes in finance, sales, HR, and IT. And equip everyone with desktop digital assistants so they get more done with less stress.

One platform, thousands of automations. Built with trust.

Security, compliance, and governance are at the core of automation with UiPath. Manage and control your automations with the trusted UiPath Platform that prioritizes secure automation and simplified compliance with the regulations that matter most. 

Trust in defense-grade security and auditing, including role-based access controls, encryption everywhere, and Veracode-certified code. 

Discover trust and security at UiPath, including our privacy and data policies, our service status and 99.9% uptime guarantee, and latest security attestations. 


Drive more value across the manufacturing value chain with UiPath automation


Let our robots handle your repetitive processes, including inventory management, supply planning, and return processing

Get ready for a new era of retail

Make every connection matter

Put automation to work creating personalized experiences that turn casual browsers into lifelong buyers.

Transform processes for more transactions

Squeeze out inefficiencies that are the barriers to seamless, real-time consumer engagement.


Turn insight into innovation

Anticipate shifts in consumer tastes and take action sooner to boost your market and wallet shares.


Lead the retail revolution and amaze your customers


Unlock the full potential for your business, employees, and customers

Build bandwidth for better service


of telcos surveyed state automation as a critical driver for transformation over the next five years


reduction in human-agent interaction time by 2027


of tech and telecom leaders cite automation as a priority for their business

A more automated future is here

Automate almost anything

Software robots can take over the routine and repetitive tasks for agents, the back office, and the field service team—helping drive down costs and create better experiences for everyone.


AI everywhere

AI helps you identify the trends in cybersecurity, network performance, and customer demands—so you can be more predictive and proactive in your approach.


Democratized innovation

With no- and low-code development, virtually everyone on your team can put their automation ideas into practice.


A robot for every person™

Everyone deserves a little help. With digital assistants, your workforce spends less time on tedious tasks and more time on the work that matters. 


Thrive in the digital area with automation

Public Sector

Deliver more to citizens and accelerate your mission with a fully automated enterprise™

Explore the leading automation platform in government

In federal, state, and local government—defense, civil, intelligence, healthcare, and beyond—UiPath automation is hard at work, increasing capacity, speed, accuracy, and resilience.


US federal departments and agencies


US states


of public sector organizations wordwide

Meet government's biggest challenges with UiPath automation

Citizen services delivery

Whether it is swift and accurate delivery of critical resources and benefit processing, or contact center activities, people in government everywhere need to work smarter. And personal digital assistants that take on time-consuming routine tasks can help.

Technology modernization

Digital assistants emulate human keystrokes and “read” screens to move data from old systems to new ones—quickly, securely, and without errors—with no “rip and replace.” RPA also works with existing technology to modernize operations without changing your current systems.




Healthcare in government

Healthcare faces big challenges: interoperability, keeping communities healthy, fighting rising costs, and ensuring veterans and the military get the care they deserve. RPA can be a potent treatment for these issues and many more.


Fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA)

Whether intended by bad actors or unintended by human error, FWA costs tax payers billions of dollars each year and is a universal problem for agencies. RPA + AI/ML does the repetitive checking, verifying, scanning, coding, and algorithmic predictions without delaying services to citizens.


Find flexibility, capture capacity, and super-serve citizenry with UiPath automation for the public sector​