Discover opportunities for process and task improvements, and the highest-ROI areas to automate 

Gain complete transparency into every process, every task, and every service conversation to transform them with automation and improvements that drive continuous operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Process Mining

Analyze data from business applications to understand end-to-end processes.

Task Mining

Analyze your employees’ desktop activities to determine best automation and process improvement opportunities.

Communication Mining

Analyze business conversations to enhance service and drive process improvement and automation.

Automation Hub

Centrally capture and manage automation opportunities and process improvements, prioritized by impact and ROI

Communications Mining combines AI and automation so you can automate your most common business requests and time-consuming conversations. From beginning to end.


of employee interaction time is spent managing email and associated tasks


of employees view email as their biggest distraction from 'real' work


of companies are not satisfied with their ability to use data when managing customer interactions

Discover processes from any angle​

Complementary solutions that work together to accelerate automations and optimize processes:

Process Mining—analyze data from business applications to understand end-to-end processes​​

Task Mining—analyze your employees’ desktop activities to determine best automation and process improvement opportunities

Communications Mining—analyze business conversations to enhance service and drive process improvement and automation

Automation Hub—centrally capture and manage automation opportunities and process improvements, prioritized by impact and ROI​

Process Mining

Use the data from your business applications to give you a detailed understanding of complex business processes. You’ll know what to automate, how to improve your processes – and be able to prove impact, too.

Automatically discover your business processes

Process mining uses the digital footprints left behind in your systems and applications to show you everything that happens in your processes, and we mean everything!

Understand where automation will deliver the most value

Let process mining help you seek out process pain points and bottlenecks, and what they’re costing you.

Automate and improve, holistically​

Reduce complexity; streamline and automate complex, end-to-end business processes​.

Continuously monitor your processes

Use KPIs to measure the impact automation has on end-to-end processes. Know what’s working and what’s not – and how to keep optimizing.

Identify automation and improvement potential in end-to-end business processes​

Task Mining

Analyze your employees’ desktop activities to determine best automation and process improvement opportunities.

Discover how work gets done​

​Get an objective data-driven picture of as-is processes, quicker and with fewer resources involved.

Bring humans in the loop

Give employees the power to guide the tool to gain deeper insights about end-to-end tasks.

Transform your ideas into actions

Remove redundant activities to increase efficiency, improve tasks end-to-end.​ 

Automate tasks based on ROI and transformation objectives.

Get peace of mind with built-in security and privacy​

Task Mining only records from approved applications and domains that you can set up per project. Data uploads and transfers are encrypted, and privacy policies enable compliant decisions.

Use AI to find more ROI in automating day-to-day activities

Communication Mining

UiPath Communications Mining turns every message into actionable data, in real time and on any communications channel​.

Automate more across your business

Extend automation into entirely new business areas. Connect UiPath to all conversational channels—email, chat, calls, tickets, and more. Eliminate inefficient processes and automate transactional customer requests to cut costs and scale faster.​

Deploy custom AI models in hours, not weeks

The Communications Mining LLM (Large Language Model) provides a sophisticated foundational model on which businesses can build on. Active learning empowers any employee to teach UiPath the specifics of your business conversations in a simple, no-code interface. Communications Mining is tailored to your business and improves constantly in real time.

Enhance the customer experience

End the long wait times customers suffer when employees manually answer every communication. Communications Mining does more than streamline customer communications. Alerts will update you of any changes in service quality so you can get ahead of emerging issues.

How does Communications Mining work?

Let’s say a customer has submitted a request to update their address.

In most organizations, the communication must first be routed to the correct department. Then, an employee will read it, copy the new address, and manually key it into relevant systems.

Or Communications Mining can handle all of those steps for you.

Extract value from all your business communications

Automation Hub

Centrally capture and manage automation opportunities and process improvements, prioritized by impact and ROI.

Centrally manage your ideas

Crowdsource automation ideas or use Process Mining, Task Mining, and Communications Mining for data-driven discovery.

Track everything from idea to production in one place—with visibility and control.

Prioritize the most impactful opportunities

Invest in opportunities that matter to your business by prioritizing them based on your own KPIs, maximizing organizational impact.​​

Implement faster with efficient collaboration​

Accelerate improvement and automation with efficient collaboration across SMEs, developers, and the CoE.

Visualize your map to ROI

Visualize automation complexity and estimated costs and benefits to project your ROI.​ ​

Leverage the integration with Insights to reflect the status and performance of your automation program with fully customizable dashboard templates.

Automation Hub benefits everyone

Automation or Process Improvement Leaders

Automation and Citizen Developers


Manage your initiatives as scale with UiPath Automation Hub