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As a VBM we are a results-oriented consultancy and solutions company specializing in various business technology areas.

Our expertise lies in the fields of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Test Automation, Document Understanding & OCR, and Process Mining. We also offer special software development to our customers if they need it during their automation journey.

At VBM, we believe in establishing strong partnerships with our customers. We aim to actively engage with them, listen to their concerns, and work together to find tailored and expert solutions to meet their specific needs

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Our principles of work

Our primary goal is to empower our customers by strengthening their foundations and increasing their productivity. We strive to develop processes that enable them to stay one step ahead of their competitors and provide effective and efficient solutions.

Our experience

With our multi-industry experience we are believing we can find a solution for you. You can see below our experience in main sectors that we are serving.

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Why choose VBM?

Multi-Industry Experince

VBM is one of the earliest partners of UiPath since 2017. VBM has gained extensive experience working across multiple sectors and companies, enriching our knowledge and expertise in the field. Our Platinum Partnership with UiPath is an evidence of the exceptional quality of our team and the services we provide.

Team-Based Consultancy

We offer a collaborative consultancy service where our team of developers, team leader, and account manager work together to provide comprehensive support and solutions to our customers.

First-Line Customer Support

First-line customer support involves handling basic customer inquiries, addressing common issues or questions, and providing general product or service information at the first point of contact when customers seeking assistance.

Payment After Delivery

Our customers will pay for their RPA process once it has been successfully deployed and delivered, rather than making the payment upfront or in advance. This payment model provides assurance to the our customers that they will only pay when the desired automation solution has been implemented .

Free PoC

As part of our commitment to understanding our clients' needs and showcasing our approach to delivering exceptional results, we are pleased to offer a complimentary Proof of Concept (PoC) for processes that can be completed within a timeframe of less than 5 days.

Free Source Code Delivery

At VBM, we believe in transparency and providing excellent service to our clients. As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional value, we ensure that all sources related to the processes we complete are delivered to the client at the end of the job.

Multi Industry Experience

60+ enterprise customers

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