About Us

VBM was founded in 2015 by partners who are experts in business intelligence for providing consultancy services. In 2017, VBM met with the disruptive and innovative RPA technology, foreseeing that this technology, which is still at the beginning level, would develop rapidly. Same year VBM became the first local partner of UiPath in Turkey and brought the product to Turkey.

In 2018, VBM carried out its first UiPath RPA implementation in a global bank that is operating in the finance & banking sector. These projects increased the awareness of RPA in Turkey and VBM pioneered the establishment of UiPath Turkey.

In 2019, the partnership structure of VBM changed, and VBM received first investment. With this investment, VBM started a rapid growth trend.

VBM became the Gold Partner of UiPath in 2020 and a member of UiPath Service Network (USN), which shows that VBM is one of the quality approved partners of Uipath’s products consulting services.

Overgrowing yearly, VBM reached the Diamond and Platinum Partner status, the highest partnership level of UiPath, and has been included in the UiPath Academic Alliance program as the first training partner of UiPath in Turkey.

VBM is one of the Turkey’s largest dedicated company in Robotic Process Automation Technologies.

With the new foundations in UK and Netherland, VBM wants to carry its experiences to the EMEA region.

At VBM, we believe in establishing strong partnerships with our customers. We aim to actively engage with them, listen to their concerns, and work together to find tailored and expert solutions to meet their specific needs. Our experience in working with enterprise customers has helped us understand the importance of service quality and blending it seamlessly with their expectations.

Our primary goal is to empower our customers by strengthening their foundations and increasing their productivity. We strive to develop processes that enable them to stay one step ahead of their competitors and provide effective and efficient solutions. As a company, we are driven by the desire to constantly improve and maintain a proactive approach, always striving to be one step ahead in our field.

Our Partners

Emre Özbey

Emre Özbey

Şükrü Acartürk

Şükrü Acartürk