By Department

Explore the ways automation can help every department
in your enterprise work smoother and smarter.


reduction in customer call volume


of sales order workload can be shifted to robots


faster onboarding


Discover how IT automation streamlines IT operations and optimizes the value delivery pipeline.

Reinvent processes with IT RPA

Bring efficiency, speed, and expanded capacity to your IT department with robotic process automation (RPA). 


Maximize your automation test coverage

Minimize maintenance.  


Increase your team’s productivity and agility

Reduce the risks and costs of server migrations.


Keep pace with enterprise security risks

Automate responses to more cyber-related incidents and reduce overall cybersecurity team workload.


Increase your team and end-user satisfaction

Deliver great user experiences and cut handling times with agent support and AI-powered self-service.


Let our technology bring more efficiency, capacity, and value delivery to yours

Finance & Accounting

Discover how automation improves supplier and customer experiences and enables data-driven decision making.


Make your ‘to-do’ list an ‘already done’ list

Automation transforms highly manual, repetitive tasks in complex application environments into smoothly running processes that give your team time back for more strategic work. 

Decrease your day sales outstanding (DSO)

Eliminate the billing errors that frustrate customers and delay payments and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by automating sales order entry, billing, and cash application.

Create more operating leverage

Optimize days payable outstanding (DPO) by accelerating invoice processing, and transform the supplier experience with faster onboarding and streamlined communication.

Improve your reporting accuracy and speed

Optimize cashflow, lower credit risk, and streamline intercompany payments and reconciliations.

Drive up treasury efficiency and productivity

Empower treasury analysts to identify investment opportunities with greater speed and confidence, and decrease uninvested cash by improving cash-forecast reliability.

Turn finance and accounting into the seat of innovation. We’ll show you how.


HR automation helps People Teams be more efficient and deliver faster.

Win the battle for the best and brightest

Shortlist CVs/résumés based on predefined logic, and create and update candidate records in applicant tracking and other systems.


Help new hires make a difference sooner

Use chatbots to answer the most frequently asked HR, payroll, and benefits questions. 


Deliver experiences that fuel excellence

Make HR operations a well-oiled machine to drive better employee experiences including onboarding, expense submissions, time-off requests, and more.  


Make decisions based on real-time reporting and digital-led insights

Stop relying on gut feel and educated guesses and make decisions based on the latest, most accurate data and insights.


Shift from human resource managers to employee-experience builders.

Supply Chain

Supply chain automation increases productivity and agility


Improve efficiency and agility

Increase speed of delivery

Improve customer satisfaction

Drive value across your supply chain. We’ll show you how.

Contact Center / CX

Discover how contact center RPA transforms the customer experience while improving margins.


Create exceptional customer experiences

Empower agents to deliver great experiences that drive more revenue, decrease costs, and improve customer loyalty.


Enable customers to self-serve

Empower agents to deliver personalized experiences

Improve customer loyalty

Boost agent productivity

Accelerate adoption of omni-channel approaches and drive down your costs.

Legal & Compliance

Legal and compliance automation reduces risk and improves employee experience.


Free up time for more strategic lawyering, business development, and better client experiences


reduction in processing time


hours saved in 6 months


error rate on compliance programs

Increase productivity from the same legal team headcount

Deliver higher levels of compliance

Save time with AI-supported contract review and extraction processes

Increase speed of delivery with automated data entry

Give lawyers and legal staff more quality time.

QA / Testing

Transform automated testing for your software, automations, and QA teams with Test Suite: the resilient testing solution powered by the UiPath Business Automation Platform. Unlock enterprise-wide, production-grade, and AI-powered test automation capabilities to deliver automations and applications quickly and continuously at scale.

Proactively manage quality to prevent production disruptions with UiPath Test Manager

Kickstart the testing process by planning and monitoring tests for any of your automations, applications, or environments. With full requirements traceability and visual logging, Test Manager enables you to rapidly triage any defects.

Integrate your existing tool stack with UiPath automation capabilities, as well as 60+ different lifecycle solutions, with Test Manager Connect.

Plus, you can streamline your automated testing with adaptive text execution. Create test sets triggered by application or automation changes for more flexibility in planning and execution.

Build resilient automations faster with UiPath Studio

Whether you’re testing RPA workflows, web apps, SAP®, Citrix, or mobile, Studio has you covered with its low-code interface, synthetic test data generation, and hundreds of prebuilt activities.

Continuously test to uncover and fix underlying issues with UiPath Orchestrator

With Orchestrator, our automation control center, you can easily organize, schedule, store dynamic test data, and analyze detailed results for test execution. It’s Veracode certified and integrates into your DevOps toolchain. 


Deploy test robots to execute tests on-demand, continuously, and at scale

Build a team of dedicated test robots to run tests, perform common tasks, and report back to you at any time.

Test efficiently, test effectively, and test continuously with enterprise testing from UiPath