June 25, 2023

Types of Tests & Levels

Types of Tests & Levels

Testing is a crucial element in the software development process, ensuring the quality and reliability of a product. Two important aspects that shape the objectives and strategy of testing are test types and test levels.

Test types categorize tests based on their objectives and characteristics, assisting test experts in designing suitable test scenarios and strategies. On the other hand, test levels represent different stages of testing, each with its unique goals.

In this article, I will present concepts related to test types such as Functional, Performance, and Security testing, as well as test levels, including Unit, Integration, System, and Acceptance testing. Understanding these concepts is essential for effective test planning and execution. By the end of this article, you will have a basic understanding of test types and test levels.

Types of Tests

These are just some common types of tests. Software testing can include more specific types depending on project requirements and software features.

Test Levels

There are four primary test levels: Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and Acceptance Testing.

It is worth noting that any of the test types mentioned in the previous section can be performed at any test level.

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